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Cable Rigged Saddle
Cable Rigged Saddle

(Hickman Saddlery building for the future)

Saddle Tree and Rigging Information

We are producing the best working saddles available. The new rigging allows you to adjust any setting desired by positioning the 1/4 " locking collar on the cable.

 Full, 7/8, 3/4 or even center fire are all achievable. The Laporte tree is made of carbon fiber, the same material used in the nosecone of the F -14 fighter.

 The cable is cast right into the tree. By eliminating the traditional rigging with the new cable, you get closer contact with your horse and also enhance the free swing of your stirrup leathers.

One of the best attributes of our new saddles is the weight! How does 27 to 34 pounds sound? That's 20% to 25% lighter than the traditional rawhide tree saddle. Just because its lighter doesn't mean it's not as tough! We have testimonies of horses and mules flipping over backwards and landing on the horn, and the saddle were fine.

These saddles are used by some of the biggest working ranches in the west. The durability of our saddles has been proven since 1982.

 Now, with the new cable rigged Hickman Saddles, we have achieved a new level of all- around toughness. We have a variety of trees available: Quarter horse, mule, walker, cutting and reining. Many styles can be customized to your specification

Call us anytime for information about our saddles. (403)938-2818


 The Homestead Tree is designed for   pleasure riders and ranch use
Ranch cutter

The Association tree style is higher, more squared off shoulder, used more by Ranch cowboys.

Great saddle for starting young colts or for working all day

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